Week 8 : Poster Design I

12 Aug

This is our last assignment and we given to do a poster design by our lecturer using the things that we learnt in class.So we divide in 4 people in a group that’s is me,Roy,Ibam and Park .

So we make a detective movie poster,and we choose modernism .

Our story is about….

The story started begins with three teenagers are very famous solved mysterious cases that occur in Tokyo and they were good friends since there are six years old. They are Ibam, Roy and Park. They challenged by a killer named Jax and are they gonna to solve it ?


Our movie poster title is Tracking blood and i did some research on it .



Moderism poster :


5b403ae2af654da03f008856dc7af666 alternative-movie-posters-dark-knight pixarmovie01 spiderman




Detective movie poster :



michael-shayne-private-detective-movie-poster-1940-1020668670 mad_detective The-Detective-2-2011-Movie-Poster Takers Movie Poster sherlock-holmes-movie-poster dc_movie_poster



Font research :



562871232071387 bahaus_font context710 linelineshapeclean_specimen modstencil710 peruse-fullset t0267_01-500x334 T0660_13








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