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13 Aug

The topic that i choose and approve by my lecturer are “Gamer are professional” but i failed to do it…so i choose “Sky are freedom ” . So this is my artwork.I know its not good but i really bad in drawings.I wish i could do more better then this .




Week 8 : Color Studies

12 Aug

Basically we are rushing for our final project movie poster , so we having a bad time management to redo for our color studies . So i decide to plan by myself and ask them to draw a beautiful sky image for me on multiboard . So i redo all the origami by folding myself. So we can do it quickly…but it did not imagine such a beautiful that i think .

They just like ignore it and no heart to redo , Haih i have no idea with it so i left it to them . I told them no matter how also need to redo it and give it to me.

So this is the color wheel that we redo.






Sorry that it’s too bad than before…i know i can do better than this but i really having a bad time managment…if still got chance i will choose to redo it by myself.


Week 8 : Mood Board

12 Aug

Basically i have to redo my mood board due to my lecture is not agree with what i’m doing.He told me that “your mood board is on pool party right? It still doesn’t inspire me when I look at your mood board. Try brainstorming and coming out with more things to add to your mood board. For example, decoration, clothing, swimwear, toys, food, lighting etc? Come out with 50 different category of items and add to your mood board so that it will be full of inspiration!’


But i have go through Malaysia pool party events those are not the same with my lecture told me . They just have beer and like club at there.The things that he told me only happen at foreign country.


Here is my mood board that i redo.






Week 8 : Doodles

12 Aug

Due to my 1st assignment doodles art is not very satisfied , so i have redo my doodles art.I have try to do my best on it.It’s kinda hard because i’m not really good in drawing .


Here is my doodles artwork.






Week 8 : Poster Design II

12 Aug

After our final discussion , we decided all the things and we started to do some sketches.

Our movie title is Tracking blood and our movie tagline is Truth is the only way.

This is our pencil sketches.




This is the process that we brainstorming for the movie title and tagline .



20130711_124800    20130711_124726



Our movie poster sketches .






Our final sketches .




final onepng



Final poster that approve by our lecturer and we can start to do it on canvas.








This is our process when we painting the poster in group but we forgot to take more picture . I have done the most painting for the poster .







90 % done for our poster 😀







Our final poster is finally done 😀




I have done the most painting but i done all the presentation all by myself without anyone helping . I think we less communication and we need to learn how to work in group and our time management is very weak 😦






Week 8 : Poster Design I

12 Aug

This is our last assignment and we given to do a poster design by our lecturer using the things that we learnt in class.So we divide in 4 people in a group that’s is me,Roy,Ibam and Park .

So we make a detective movie poster,and we choose modernism .

Our story is about….

The story started begins with three teenagers are very famous solved mysterious cases that occur in Tokyo and they were good friends since there are six years old. They are Ibam, Roy and Park. They challenged by a killer named Jax and are they gonna to solve it ?


Our movie poster title is Tracking blood and i did some research on it .



Moderism poster :


5b403ae2af654da03f008856dc7af666 alternative-movie-posters-dark-knight pixarmovie01 spiderman




Detective movie poster :



michael-shayne-private-detective-movie-poster-1940-1020668670 mad_detective The-Detective-2-2011-Movie-Poster Takers Movie Poster sherlock-holmes-movie-poster dc_movie_poster



Font research :



562871232071387 bahaus_font context710 linelineshapeclean_specimen modstencil710 peruse-fullset t0267_01-500x334 T0660_13







Week 6: Art Movement

12 Aug

This is another week and we having a class on art movement . So what is art movement ? Our lecturer asked us to have some research on it . 


What is Art Movement ?


An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a restricted period of time, (usually a few months, years or decades) or, at least, with the heyday of the movement defined within a number of years. Art movements were especially important in modern art when each consecutive movement was considered as a new avant-grade .


These are some art movement that i done in Power Point.



13 14 12 11 16 15 17 18 19 24 23 22 21 20



In this class exercise , my lecturer asked us to choose any 9 different of art movement to design our own portrait.

These are the 9 art movement I’ve choose:

1 . De Stijl

2 .Russian Contructivism

3 . Suprematism 

4 . Cubism

5 . Dadaism

6 . Moderism

7 . Dadarism

8 . Futurism

9 . Dotism


This is my self portrait .



Hope you guys like it 😀 between i know it’s not a good artwork.